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Add Pull Strings to Any Piñata Purchased from our Shop

Add Pull Strings to Any Piñata Purchased from our Shop

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Add Pull strings to Any piñata purchased from our shop.

If you prefer a specific color of pull strings for your pinata please add a note to your order about the preferred color and I will be happy to customize it for you otherwise we will use colors that will match your piñata.

How do the pull strings work?

Each guest pulls one string at a time and only the lucky guest who pulls a string attached to the bottom will release the trap door open and goodies or candy will fall to the floor.

This option is recommended for smaller Children, Parties at hotels, or other inside parties.

What is a Whack Pinata

A Whack Pinata requires a pinata stick or a wooden bat, each guest takes turns hitting the pinata with a stick until pinata breaks open and goodies or candy fall on the floor.

*Our pinatas are sold empty*