Does the Piñata have an opening to fill?

Yes, the piñata has an easy access opening on top to insert candy, confetti or other goodies (not included).

What is the piñata made out of?

All of our handcrafted piñatas are made from recycled cardboard.

Does the piñata have a string to hang from?

Yes, the piñata has an attached weight-resistant string for hanging.

What is a Whack Piñata?

A Whack Piñata is a traditional, hit-with-a-stick piñata. It requires a piñata stick or a wooden bat to break open; each guest takes turns to hit the piñata with a stick or bat until the piñata breaks open and goodies or candy fall on the floor. Our Piñatas are sturdy enough for multiple guests to participate. This option is great for teens, adults and outdoors.
Note: To be used under adult supervision

What is a Pull String Piñata?

  • A Pull String Piñata comes with 12 Pull Strings. Each guest pulls one string at the time and only one lucky guest who pulls the string attached to bottom will release the trap door and goodies or candy will fall to the floor.
  • All strings can also be pulled at the same time by 12 guests to release the trap door.
  • If you are purchasing a gender reveal piñata, both parents can pull all strings at once and let colored confetti fall down to reveal the gender
  • This option is Recommended for Gender Reveal Parties, Small Children Parties, Parties at hotels or any other indoor parties.

Is the piñata sold empty?

Yes. Piñatas are sold empty unless you purchase confetti from us and request that we fill it for you.

Is the piñata easy to fill?

Yes. All of our piñatas have an easy access opening on top to fill. Approx. Size of opening is 3"x 2"

Can I use my piñata as a Card Holder?

Yes. You can contact us or leave a note to request an envelope slot if are using the piñata as a card holder.

Can I use my Pull String Piñata as a Traditional Whack Pinata?

Yes. Any pull string piñata can be hit with a stick as well.